The Telluride Air Force is a hang gliding and paragliding non-profit organization providing oversight and safety-focused regulation in Telluride, Colorado USA.

Telluride’s complex and rapidly changing atmospheric environment require visiting pilots, (without exception), to fly with supervisory oversight of a Telluride Air Force member holding “Guide Pilot” status.

Telluride Air Force  P.O. Box 3113,  Telluride, CO 81435  email:

Mobile device CHATBOX select Desktop Version, bottom of page.Swing seat flying high and free. Circa 1974. photo courtesy of Clint Wolf.

Clint Wolf on a plastic swing seat, high and free over Needle Rock. Telluride Circa 1974.

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28 thoughts on “Cloudbase

  1. Maciej

    Hi guys I’m a P2 pilot from Carbondale Colorado I was trained by pine i’ve done10 sites and 95 solos, but I haven’t finished P3 paperwork unfortunately yet. I’m in town this weekend for a ride fast, and was wondering if I might find someone to sponsor me if it be possible for me to do the milk run. Please let me know .
    (941) 807-5208

  2. 86Milagros

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  3. Sarah

    I will be living in telluride from next week until beginning of November ansd would like to do as much flying as possible. I have my NZPG2 and think I used to have a P2 USA rating but think it has lapsed. So need to figure out how to get a legal USA license. I have light weight gear so would be great to go on some hike and fly (maybe hike, camp and fly) missions with some of you. Please let me know the best way to get to know the area and other pilots.

  4. Davey pitcher

    Hi, my name is davey pitcher I’m living in Pagosa I’m a p3 I’ve done three Siv,s flown in SB, SF marshals , rat race , aspen and villa grove are where I have flown along with king Mtn on Idaho.
    I’m in teluride until Monday .
    HOPING to fly Sat and Sunday
    And Monday if at all possible.
    Davey Pitcher 970-903-9068

  5. Johny94

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  6. Don henline

    Looking to fly Telluride in next week
    Either from gold hill or other area
    Anyone flying?

  7. Jacob Hildebrand

    Will be coming through T-ride today and maybe stay for tomorrow. P4 from the Front Range. Would need a Site Guide, as I haven’t flown the area. Any USFS restrictions? I like the lowered risk of convective development the next few days. I’ll check back here, or hit me at 970-903-1260.


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