photo: LeRoy GrannisTelluride Flying Circus July, 1975.  photo LeRoy Grannis

Norman Squier outfits Captain‚ Jack Carey for a historic KOTO high-altitude remote broadcast in 1982. Carey would circle the valley via hang glider and report live. The longtime local and cerebral daredevil. [Photo by Ingrid Lundahl]
Norman Squier outfits Captain‚ Jack Carey for a historic KOTO FM high-altitude remote broadcast in 1982. Carey would circle the valley flying in his hang glider and report live. Photo by Ingrid Lundahl
Late summer cloudburst.
Summer cloudburst.
1975 Bullseye Telluride by LeRoy Grannis copy
Spot landing bullseye, July, 1975. Glider model: Eipper-Formance Cumulus 5. photo by Leroy Grannis
Swing seat flying high and free. Circa 1974. photo courtesy of Clint Wolf.
Flying high and free. Circa 1974. Glider model: “Standard”, (90º nose angle, 4º billowed sail). Pilot: Clint Wolf.

Return of the Tellurider Award maybe?

After a full summer of flying.

Glideheads copy
Glide-heads.  photo: John “Ole” Olson
Version 3
Poster and Tee Shirt. Artist: Harry Martian
Loading up on Bumbo's F250 lets go flying 1989.
Loading up on Dave Bobrowski’s (Bumbo) F250. So let’s go flying 1989.
LuigiTownParkTride copy
Luigi Chiarani on final into Telluride Town Park. Glider model: Moyes XS-3.


Paul Voight flying lat summer above Telluride.
Paul Voight flying late summer above Telluride. Glider model: Wills Wing Duck.

Elberta Beach MI 1976

Tennessee Tree toppers 1983 Xmas Party, Thanks Tom Phillips.



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  3. Wow! I was in the group of people that is in the picture of the Ripper hitting the bulls eye. My dad competed and got 57th. Met Steve Moyes at that meet. I was 11 years old that summer. Thanks would love to see more pictures of that meet!

    1. Hi Tony, whew if I’m reading your post right that was: Bullseye! July, 1975. Eipper-Formance Cumulus 5. photo by Leroy Grannis. I was given the B&W photos by Town Park manager John Wontrobski who somehow found and bought them, go figure.

      Guess I’ll have to dig through a small box of archival material and look for more gems.

      BTW, join the TAF FB page 🙂

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