Breaking News June 2023:

Gold Hill Opening for Foot Launched HG and PG Activity Soon.

Currently: Due to the expiration of the insurance policy initiating foot-launched flights originating from within the Telluride ski resort boundary is forbidden and illegal. The TAF does not condone, encourage, or permit, any flight initiated from the Telluride Ski area boundary and is devoid of any responsibility involving such activity.   We wish you high flights with happy landings from elsewhere.   : – (

Please make a donation to the Telluride Airforce insurance fund:


All Pilots must be accompanied to launch by a TAF Guide Pilot.

The Telluride Air Force (TAF) is the hang gliding, paragliding, and speed gliding non-profit organization providing oversight and safety-focused regulation of foot-launched aviation in Telluride, Colorado USA.

Telluride is a high-altitude, complex, mountain-flying environment.

Visiting pilots must receive a mandatory, free-of-charge, site orientation by the TAF membership.

Flying without authorization of the Telluride Air Force is a Misdemeanor punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

Use TAF’s  Telegram messaging app for organizing flights, vehicles, and meetups. Contact a TAF Guide directly.

Federal Aviation Administration regulations state it is illegal to fly above 17,999 ASL.   2m FM transceiver frequency: 151.925

I’m Flying by Guide Pilot Dan Olsen, “Hang Glider” song by WAX. 

Swing seat flying high and free. Circa 1974. photo courtesy of Clint Wolf.Clint Wolf, a Telluride pioneer flyer, sitting on an ordinary plastic swing seat with no backup parachute flies a standard Rogallo hang glider high and free above Telluride circa 1974.
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