June 16, 2024

Guide Pilots

Guide Pilots: TAF Roster, Pilot Status, and Registered Drivers (access restricted to Guide Pilots and TAF Board only)

All pilots without “self-guide status” must be accompanied to launch by a TAF Guide Pilot. Please reach out on Telegram to connect with Guide Pilots and read other requirements to fly.

Self-guide status can be obtained by emailing all Guide Pilots with your qualifications and requesting self-guide for Front/North Face launches and/or Town Park LZ (granted separately). Three Guide Pilot approvals are required for self-guide status.  Such approvals may include time of day restrictions.

There is no self-guide status for Gold Hill, as it is expected that one or more
Guide Pilots will be present when flyable.

TAF Guide Pilots are appointed by a majority vote of the TAF board.  Guide Pilots are not instructors and are not responsible for your weather forecasting, flight planning, or safety.  Rather, they are fellow pilots experienced with our local flying sites/conditions who are qualified to give site briefings and advice to pilots with less experience flying our local sites.  They also have authority to approve or deny flights by any pilots who have not been previously approved for self-guide status.

The Team

Guide Pilots for All Launches and Landings:

Colby Barrett  –  cbarrett17(at)gmail(dot)com   (PG)

Davey Pitcher  –  davey(at)wolfcreekski(dot)com   (PG)

David Malin  –  dtmalin(at)gmail(dot)com   (PG)

Jeff Cristol  –  jeff(at)adventuretourproductions(dot)com   (PG)

John Karl Welter  –  jkwelter05(at)hotmail(dot)com   (PG)

Kevin Smith  –  talon666(at)yahoo(dot)com   (HG & PG)

Mark Simpson  –  bostie(at)gmail(dot)com   (PG)

Mark Snyder  –  teqqmds(at)gmail(dot)com   (PG)

Mike Pennings  –  michaelpennings(at)msn(dot)com.  (PG)

Ryan Taylor  –  tellurideparagliding(at)hotmail(dot)com   (PG)

Guide Pilots for Front/North Face Launches (Milk Run, Cimarron, Lookout, Bushwacker) and All Landings:

Jonathan Cooper  –  cooper.jonathanb(at)gmail(dot)com   (PG)

Scott Rogers  –  wscottrogers(at)me(dot)com   (PG)

Sheamus Croke  –  sheamuscroke(at)gmail(dot)com   (PG)

Email All Guide Pilots