April 14, 2024


photo: LeRoy GrannisTelluride Flying Circus July 1975.  photo LeRoy Grannis

Norman Squier outfits Captain‚ Jack Carey for a historic KOTO high-altitude remote broadcast in 1982. Carey would circle the valley via hang glider and report live. The longtime local and cerebral daredevil. [Photo by Ingrid Lundahl]
Norman Squier mics up Cpt. Jack Carey broadcasted live on KOTO-FM 91.7  summertime of 1982. photo: Ingrid Lundahl


Late summer cloudburst.
Summer cloudburst photo: Luigi Chiarani


1975 Bullseye Telluride by LeRoy Grannis copy
Spot landing, July 1975. Glider: Eipper-Formance Cumulus 5. photo: Leroy Grannis


Swing seat flying high and free. Circa 1974. photo courtesy of Clint Wolf.
Circa 1974. Glider model: “Standard” 90º nose angle, 4º billow sail. pilot/selfie: Clint Wolf.
Cloud-base, virga, and everything else all at once makes for interesting flying.
Cloud-base, virga, and everything else all at once makes for exciting flying. Photo: Luigi Chiarani


Glideheads copy
Après-Flying photo: John “Ole” Olson


Version 3
Poster Artist: Harry Martin


Loading up on Bumbo's F250 lets go flying 1989.
Dave (Bumbo) Bobrowski’s  1989 – F250, aka Brown Betty.


LuigiTownParkTride copy
Luigi Chiarani on final approach Telluride Town Park. Glider Moyes XS-3.


Paul Voight flying lat summer above Telluride.
Late summer above Telluride. Glider Wills Wing Duck. Pilot/photo: Paul Voight

Tennessee Tree Toppers 1983 Xmas. video: Tom Phillips.