May 21, 2024


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Living Dangerously by John Q. Olsen

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John Olson has been a flyer since 1981 and has been traveling to Mexico and points south for flying thrills on a yearly basis ever since. He lives at Amigos del Cielo airfield in Rodeo, NM, where he is a certified flight instructor. He is an award-winning ultralight journalist who has taught nearly one hundred people to fly trikes, and his most important mission in life is to inspire others to get out there and…FLY!


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An outrageous adventure story of snot slinging disaster and tear fetch laughter. Based on a true story about a crew of misfits; who become birds at will, launching into the wild blue yonder, soaring eye to eye with golden eagles, circling around white mountain peaks and over dark green jungles. After landing and losing their minds, they take you to places your mom told you not to go. The books recipe including a full bottle of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and a squeeze of “Top Gun”. Meet men addicted to what the rest of the world considers crazy; yet in the end enticing the world to follow. From soccer moms to fighter pilots, the dream of flying like Icarus has been floated from the dreamer’s pillow to be powerfully published upon parchment. For a first chapter reading go to