The Telluride Air Force is a hang gliding and paragliding non-profit organization providing oversight and safety-focused regulation in Telluride, Colorado USA.

Telluride’s complex and rapidly changing atmospheric environment require visiting pilots, (without exception), to fly with supervisory oversight of a Telluride Air Force member holding “Guide Pilot” status.

Telluride Air Force  P.O. Box 3113,  Telluride, CO 81435  email:

Mobile device CHATBOX select Desktop Version, bottom of page.Swing seat flying high and free. Circa 1974. photo courtesy of Clint Wolf.

Clint Wolf on a plastic swing seat, high and free over Needle Rock. Telluride Circa 1974.

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20 thoughts on “Cloudbase

  1. Todd Bloomer

    Hello Telluride Air Force-

    I’m a H3 pilot with 20 years experience at many sites. Should be 4 by now but have to take the written.
    Driving from LA to Chicago this week and would like to fly Telluride.
    Who so I speak with to organize flying at your site?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Danny jones

    Hi crew. My name is Danny and i’m a H4/P3 and I have not flown telluride before. Pulling into town this afternoon and will be here until Saturday. Please let me know if there is any flying going on. Thanks!


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